Browser history files

Recover Internet History using Log Files. A look into the log files can also let you recover deleted Internet history. All Windows computers have this file extension that stores arbitrary data, the .DAT extension. In our scenario, the system uses a file called ‘index.dat’, that stores all the information of the operations you have performed.

Appendix j privacy

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Make a wifi hotspot with laptop

Sep 07, 2018 · Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows 10 without any Software. Windows 10 by default has the option to create Wi-Fi hotspot if you don’t already know. It is very basic and simple to setup the computer as a hotspot using Windows 10. With a few clicks you can configure the Wi-Fi and get your hotspot started. How to create Wi-Fi Hotspot in Windows 10

Smb vpn

I'm having issues getting SMB file shares working over a PPTP VPN. The server setup consists of a security device (DrayTek V3300) which passes the PPTP authentication to a SBS2003 server running RRAS.

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Map traceroute

A traceroute shows the path traffic takes to reach a network resource. Our network monitoring robots send a series of packets to your target destination and display the list of routers and IPs the packets took. Identify network problems. With the Free Uptrends Traceroute Tool, you can identify network bottlenecks. If you're having trouble

Free vpn acces

2012-1-6 · Introduction: The Host element represents a virtual host, which is an association of a network name for a server (such as "" with the particular server on which Catalina is running.In order to be effective, this name must be registered in the Domain Name Service (DNS) server that manages the Internet domain you belong to - contact your Network Administrator for more …

Live stream nfl super bowl

CBS Sports provides the latest picks, news and analysis for Super Bowl LIV. The Super Bowl will be played on Sunday, Feb 2, 2020 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida