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Greetings, I'm having an issue with speed I just installed my new Rogers/hitron (cgn3)cable modem and I'm getting an average of 194 Mbps download (wired) to my computer, woohoo!!! But and this is a big butwhen I connect my computer to my ASUS RT-N66U via gigabit port, I'm only getting 130 Sometimes slow upload speeds are the fault of your Internet Service Provider. We recommend a high speed internet connection with high upload speeds. Often with Cable and DSL, the upload speed is significantly slower than the download speed. This will result in fast loading times for most websites and file downloads, but slow uploads. So if your upload speed appears to be slower than your download speed, this is probably expected. Another factor to be aware of is that providers advertise their speeds in kilo bits , whereas Fetch reports speeds in kilo bytes . 8 bits equal 1 byte, so the numbers you see in Fetch will appear to be smaller than the numbers advertised for your Download slower than upload I have just installed Orbi RBK53, and I have serious problems getting proper wifi download speed over WiFi. I have a 500/100 mbit internet connection and when I test my internet speed from eg. my iPhone I consequently get speeds around 50 mbit donwlaod and 60-70 mbit upload.

I test the speed right next to my main router, which is out in the open in my office, and I get 140-180 download. I have tried testing it at the main router with and without the child nodes connected to see if there is any difference, but never faster than 180. Why are my upload speeds 400-500, and download only 140-180?

Jun 04, 2017

Download speed slower than upload speed tcoxok over 5 years ago We recently had cox service come out and replace the 'very old problematic - cable modem', with the newer Cisco Modem.

How to Fix slow Internet issue windows 10. Go through this method If you have an AMD Graphics or … Wifi download speed slower than Upload - half spee Wifi download speed slower than Upload - half speed of wired (gigabit service) I recently upgraded to centurylink 1Gb fiber and am seeing 900mbps up and down on a wired connection but on wifi my max download is 400-450 and my max upload is 500-600.