Whether Microsoft’s announcement makes you roll your eyes at the thought of more codec debate, or cheer at the possibility of WebRTC coming to Internet Explorer, the news serves to demonstrate Microsoft’s ongoing commitment and efforts toward Real-Time Communication on the Web.

Microsoft IE 支持WebRTC的版本?_internet … 运行Internet Explorer 6, internet Explorer 7和Internet Explorer 8 在同一台机器 如何工作WebRTC工作?在 IE IE 开发人员工具栏visible,一个JavaScript脚本后,只有作品 内部错误 — WebRTC发布者错误&内部错误 — WebRTC订阅服务器错误 WebRTC视频 How to integrate the Temasys WebRTC Plugin into your Adapter.js is originally a file that hides the differences between Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome's implementations of WebRTC. We provide an extended version of it (AdapterJS) which integrates Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari as well. When using a WebRTC-ready browser, AJS only hides the browser differences. sip - webrtc4all in internet explorer - Stack Overflow

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Which version of Microsoft Internet Explorer support WebRTC?

RTCPeerConnection.setRemoteDescription() 方法改变与连接相关的描述,该描述主要是描述有些关于连接的属性,例如对端使用的解码器。 连接受此更改影响,并且必须能够支持旧的和新的描述。 方法带三个参数,RTCSessionDescription 对象用于设置,然后是更改成功的回调方法,一个是更改失败的回调方法。