Jul 16, 2019 · Likewise, QNAP has spent years refining their NAS operating system with QNAP Turbo Station, or QTS. It shares many of the features and functionality of the Synology counterpart, but whereas the Synology DSM software hides all the technical information and restricts actions to a more stable and controlled environment, QNAP and QTS given you the technical information far more readily.

Jul 17, 2017 · What Is a Synology NAS? Synology is a company, founded in 2000, specializing in Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. A NAS, simply put, is a computer optimized for data storage, often with additional functionality layered on top. Enter your QuickConnect ID to access your Synology NAS QuickConnect ID can include only English letters, numbers, and dashes (-). It must start with a letter, and cannot end with a dash. {0} is already in use. Sonology Music/STEP 6547 N. Academy Blvd. #506 Colorado Springs, CO 80918. Powered by WebStoryBuilder.com. Empty. $0.00 Synology Web Assistant Searching

The ease of use and familiarity of the DSM interface is one of Synology’s strong suits, this interface is the same across the board for their NAS products, and it really makes them a pleasure to work with. Once the disks are installed, you need to configure a volume. Here you will decide how to allocate your disks.

Synology tell me the Windows user has to log into the NAS (DSM) to access it or to run any of the Synology apps, which is of course a real pain - very user unfriendly. My enterprise IT experience (on company domain networks, mostly Windows AD, etc.) has always needed Single Sign On and the User's access has been driven from that. Make Backblaze B2 your Cloud Sync destination on your Synology NAS and save every time you sync. Save up to 75% versus Amazon S3 when you sync your data from your Synology NAS device to the B2 cloud. Besides saving money by choosing B2 – there's more: The first 10GB of B2 Cloud Storage is free. The pricing is simple, no tiers or hidden charges.

Synology DiskStation DS1019+ is a 5-bay NAS designed for small offices and professional home users. With versatile built-in applications, DS1019+ easily fulfills your various office requirements, including collaboration, file sharing, data backup and recovery, and is even ready for virtualization deployment.

Jun 15, 2019 · Synology NAS boxes support up to a 12 TB drive into each bay. However, 12 TB hard drives are pretty expensive, and you’ll likely end up getting 4 TB or 8 TB drives instead, since they’re more common and much cheaper.