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Snapchat_百度百科 Snapchat(色拉布)是由斯坦福大学两位学生开发的一款“阅后即焚”照片分享应用。利用该应用程序,用户可以拍照、录制视频、添加文字和图画,并将他们发送到自己在该应用上的好友列表。这些照片及视频 … 4 Ways to Get Multiple Snapchat Accounts on iPhone/iPad

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Official Stories display a custom Snapchat emoji so you know that the account has been verified. This is reserved for celebrities and other public figures. The number of verified Snapchat accounts changes all the time. This page lists all currently active Snapchat accounts with an official story emoji. Snapchat Story Emojis Snapchat emojis for official stories are customized …