CleanBrowsing: 100% blocked Norton: 94% blocked (83 blocked, 5 not blocked) Yandex: 93% blocked (82 blocked, 6 not blocked) OpenDNS: 89% blocked (79 blocked, 9 not blocked) Neustar: 81% blocked (72 blocked, 16 not blocked) AdGuard: 55% blocked (55 blocked, 39 not blocked) Neustar and AdGuard were not good at all, missing even some of the

Neustar Recursive DNS. Neustar Recursive DNS is a free cloud-based recursive DNS service that delivers fast and reliable access to sites and online applications with built-in security and threat intelligence. Reliability & Performance 1. These servers provide reliable and fast DNS lookups without blocking any specific categories Neustar UltraDNS is an enterprise grade, cloud-based authoritative DNS service that securely delivers fast and accurate query responses to websites and other vital online assets. Whether you’re looking for a Primary or Secondary DNS solution, Neustar UltraDNS offers customizable packages to fit any organization’s DNS needs. Using UltraDNS Free DNS Tools, administrators can monitor key real-time information about DNS configurations, do real-time DNS lookups, and assess website performance. With properly configured and managed authoritative DNS and recursive DNS, you can ensure users can always connect with your website to consume content, complete transactions, and The NeustarAPI allows to implement marketing features using data intelligence in real time. It provides protocols in JSON and REST in addition to authentication with Api Key. Supplementary APIs could enhance integration by including tests, monitoring, and maintenance services. Neustar provides information and analytics services to companies. In 2006, NeuStar bought UltraDNS, a service provider that offers managed external DNS services. Now NeuStar is offering free recursive DNS services to the 7,000 corporations that use its managed Neustar Support Support: {{}} {{}} {{}}

Neustar, Inc. is an American technology company that provides real-time information and analytics for the Internet, risk, digital performance, and defense, telecommunications, entertainment, and marketing industries, and also provides clearinghouse and directory services to the global communications and Internet industries.

Provided free of charge, UltraDNS Public enables users, families, and small businesses to experience a much more reliable, faster and safer online experience. Simply change your DNS settings and experience the Internet like never before.

The .US Locality Domain Name Registration Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions governing a Registrant’s use of registered .US locality domain name(s) for which Neustar is the Delegated Manager and by which Neustar governs all Delegated Managers. Neustar is currently unable to process new third-level domain name requests.

Jan 02, 2020 · Neustar DNS, formerly known as UltraDNS, also offers different DNS servers you can use to block different types of malware or inappropriate websites. If the UltraDNS/NeuStar servers are fast for you, this could be a good option. However, they don’t clearly promise not to sell your usage data, as the other services we recommend do. For many, the domain name system (DNS) is the most effective – yet underutilized – tool to achieve network efficiency and security. Whether it’s maximizing your authoritative DNS strategy to direct traffic to your website, or getting the most out of your recursive DNS solution to filter content on your network, chances are your DNS is an underutilized asset.