Nov 02, 2019 · If you have lost your iPhone or iPad, you can also remotely wipe your iPhone or iPad remotely. Follow the below steps: Enter your Apple ID and then click Find My iPhone. Then click on the option All Devices. You need to choose the device that you want to erase. Then click Erase iPhone or iPad. Erase Your iPad by Using a Mac or Windows- Based PC

1. Enable Find my iPhone . Find My iPhone is an Application developed by Apple, allowing you to remotely track down your iOS device using your iCloud account. If you enabled Find my iPhone on your iPhone before you lost it, you can see its location on a map, lock or remote it via Apple computer, laptop or tablet. Among other things, you will So. I accidentally erased my phone from find my Iphone app. First I clicked erase phone from another device. I thought it meant that the app would be erased from my phone, not otherwise. I think It misunderstood what it said. It asked me for my phone number and a message to write f.ex. This IPhone got lost, please call… Suddenly the phone switched off and switched on again. It was written Jul 16, 2020 · Step 4: select “Erase All Data” After that, iPhone will ask for your confirmation to erase all data related to your lost iPhone. Confirm it by tapping on “Erase All Data”. The iPhone that you just wiped will disappear from the list of your devices. Choose this as your last resort as you won’t be able to find you iPhone if you do this. Jul 03, 2020 · Without making much ado, let me tell you straight away that there is a way to remotely erase data from the iPhone. Talking about the requirement, all you need to have is a computer with an active Internet connection. Let me walk you through the quick steps! How to Delete All Data from Lost iPhone and iPad Remotely. Step #1. Jan 24, 2018 · Use “Erase iPhone” from the info window that shows if you gave iDevice to someone. IT will remove the Activation Lock and Find My iPhone. Select “Erase iPhone” if the passcode was lost; no way to access with iTunes restore or factory reset your device. Follow the instructions that appear to go through the process. Disable Find My iPhone

The Find My iPhone® service can help locate lost Apple devices.. Learn how to set up Find my iPhone from Apple's website so you can:. Locate your phone on a map Note: The current location of your device(s) displays if it has Location services turned on.

Erasing your ‌iPhone‌ deactivates Find My ‌iPhone‌ and logs you out of all your ‌iCloud‌ and iTunes accounts automatically – in theory. Occasionally we've heard cases of erased iOS

May 26, 2020 · Also, this method will work only if you are logged into Find My iPhone application on your iPhone and location services are enabled on your iPhone. We wish that you were able to erase data on iPhone using iCloud Find My iPhone application. If you are facing any problems while erasing data on your iPhone from iCloud let us know via comments.

May 15, 2019 · Tap on “Erase All Content and Settings” option and then tap “Erase iPhone”. Here you need to enter your passcode and Apple ID password to turn off Activate Lock and erase iPhone. Part 3. Professional Way to Erase iPhone without Find My iPhone. With the methods above, you can easily erase iPhone from Find My iPhone or directly on iOS